Friday, 24 September 2010


Sometimes I like to draw skulls.
It's mostly an experimental thing.
So here are some skulls I have rendered
in different ways, I hope you like them!

For Joeman

"@MiffWeaver I eat the BIGGEST crab to today, it has a miff vibe.
I would like you to draw me eating this crab. yes."

I decided post crab would be more fun.

Check joe out at

Anyone else want a nice drawing?
Give me a shout, the more conceptual/cool the idea,
the more interesting the image will be!

Hope everyones well,

Miff xxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

Post 1a

Im going to use this blog properly from this moment forth,
so expect some new images and things soon!
The skull at the top of the page is more for me than anyone,
this is now my home page, so every time i boot up the internet
his piercing eyes will remind me to post something immediately.

Many things have happened between this update and my last,
and I will fill you in soon - most likely through some form of doodle.
These updates will include graduating, appearing in a magazine,
creative blocks and hedge trimming!

for now here is a song,