Friday, 20 November 2009

people, planes and paradoxes

here is a book cover i made for catch 22


  1. Thanks for your comments Mifff! I finished Catch22 recently (was rather good) and this is really cool! I like muchly :-) How u finding 3rd year so far? x

  2. Thanks beccabeccabeccaaaaaaaahhhhh!!?! third years fantastic thanks! apart from dissertation of course, god i hate dissertation... id much rather do a drawing or something... or eat an apple, preferably gala, for they are the best apples.
    I haven't read catch 22 unfortunately, i hear its a hard read. maybe ill tackle it over christmas. All of your work is beautiful! (and you work so fast!)

  3. helloo again!
    Glad you're enjoying 3rd year:) I had some really good bits and really pap bits! Hehe I know!..Why can't dissertation be a Gala where we all eat galas?? It wouldn't be easy but it would be much more fun.
    yeh catch 22 IS a tough took me a while to read it, but it's worth it when u have the time. Hehe yeh I'm working fast bcos I have an approaching deadline, eek!!
    All your work is looking great so far :)